The Colorado Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that former Prime Minister Donald Trump is ineligible for the presidency

Due to his connection with the White House under the subversion clause of the federal constitution

The Colorado Supreme Court has disqualified the state's chief from the preliminary ballot

The majority of justices, using the 14th Amendment's Section 3, made history by deciding to declare someone ineligible for a key position in a local election

The decision reverses a local judge's ruling that revealed Trump's role in the January 6 attack 

Trump's lawyers successfully argued that Section 3's language about "officers of the United States" supporting the Constitution doesn't include the president

The concern for Trump lies in the risk that other courts and election authorities might emulate Colorado's decision, potentially excluding him from crucial battleground state

The provision lists various covered offices, including senators, representatives, and electors, but notably does not explicitly mention the presidency

This legal interpretation highlights the intricacies of Section 3, creating a basis to contest

They emphasized that the president is not specifically identified as such an officer and has a distinct oath